TPO 10-inch Newtonian Telescope

The TPO 10-inch F/4 Newtonian – A Fast Giant

Learn more about what makes the TPO 10-inch Newtonian a high-performing telescope from OPT experts. The 10-inch TPO imaging Newtonian is an f/4 system perfect for deep space photos. 

This fast telescope will help you capture incredible images of galaxies, star clusters, and even planets, as featured in this video. 



  • Extremely fast telescope
  • 10-inch mirror
  • Cooling fan
  • Super easy to collimate
  • Its large focuser makes sure your imaging train is secure and steady. 

Bonus items included with the 10-inch Newtonian are rings and a v-style dovetail that provide sturdy attachment to a wide variety of mounts. 


What are TPO optics made from?  

The optics on all TPO Imaging Newtonians consist of a parabolic primary mirror and an elliptical secondary, or diagonal. The mirrors are made from B270 white water optical crown glass, which is more thermally stable than glass traditionally used on other reflectors. A 91% aluminum coating is applied and then over-coated with a quartz layer for the ultimate in durability. 


Collimation Made Easy on the TPO 10-inch F/4 Newtonian

The primary mirror cell is very sturdy and has six collimation knobs that can be adjusted by hand with a push or pull of the knob. Collimation is made easier due to the center spot marked on the primary mirror. The diagonal mirror is held in place with a thin four-vane spider. 


What is the material used in TPO Telescopes? 

The optical tube assembly on the TPO Imaging Newtonian telescope is made of rolled steel and painted white. The ends of the tube are die-cast aluminum, which contributes to the OTA’s rigidity. Steel is a bit heavier than traditional aluminum. Still, since it has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, your telescope will tend to hold its shape (and, therefore, hold focus) as temperatures fluctuate throughout the night. The inside of the OTA is painted in a matte black finish, which stops stray light in its tracks. Let us know what you think of this amazing Newtonian below!

TPO 10-inch Newtonian



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